Women-owned businesses are dominating parts of San Antonio

Jaida Sloan, Staff Writer

March is a month of great significance, Women History Month, and we would all be remiss if we didn’t recognize that the restaurant industry was one of the first industries dominated by women.  After reviewing a list of women-owned restaurants in San Antonio from 2020, it was disheartening to see just how many have closed in the wake of the pandemic. However, this isn’t unique to San Antonio — the U.S.Chamber of Commerce found that women-owned businesses were disproportionately impacted by COVID-19 across the country. One simple measure to show your support of women this month is to go to one of the remaining local women-owned restaurants in San Antonio. 

Southtown is one part of San Antonio where women-owned restaurants continue to dominate.


1127 S St Mary’s St, San Antonio, TX 78210


The Good Kind is owned by Chef Tim McDiarmid, a single mother who found a way to balance motherhood with her passion for clean eating. Chef McDiarmid’s mission is to empower her employees to be successful; she is invested in women helping women. In fact, 80% of her staff are women.

Chef McDiarmid said, “I wanted to create a company that is able to show women how to run a business, to teach them this is how it goes and this is how you’re going to be sustainable.”

While they do serve typical clean eats such as smoothies and salads, The Good Kind also offers delicious paninis, cauliflower wings and much more. The Good Kind prides itself in using fresh, flavorful ingredients straight from their garden on sight. 

They even have a sign that says, “Our garden is bigger than our kitchen.” 

The ambiance of The Good Kind is one of relaxation immersed in nature — offering a large outdoor eating area in the Ivy Hall Garden out back. This is one place you’ll leave feeling good about what you ate.

Jaida Sloan


943 S Alamo St, San Antonio, TX 78205, US


 Leading the charge at the Friendly Spot is Jody Bailey Newman, a former audio engineer, radio personality and insurance claim adjuster. Today, Jody is a leading craft beer entrepreneur and Chief Friend behind The Friendly Spot Ice House, B&D Ice House Hills and Dales Ice House. Jody often mentors future small- business owners and female-business owners through Café Commerce, Launch SA and as an SA2020 Ambassador.

The Friendly Spot is a great place to try something new: they offer an extensive beer collection with 76 beers on taps, as well as 300 bottles and can brews. Not a fan of beer? That’s okay, they offer some of the best pub food ranging from the essential burger and chicken tenders to fried pickles and cheese curd; you are guaranteed to find something you love when you visit. The Friendly Spot also has vegetarian options, including their Roasted Chickpea & Cauliflower Tacos and the Friendly “Veggie” Burger.

Beyond the great food and drink, The Friendly Spot is known for being a great spot to watch the game. They project sports and movies on their jumbo slab cinema inflatable screen and their eight flat-screen TVs. The service is extremely fast, and the outdoor environment is ideal for a night out with friends. The self-proclaimed Ice House is always packed and offers such a unique experience that you’ll leave a loyal member of the Friendly Family.

Jaida Sloan

910 S Alamo St, San Antonio, TX 78205


Lisa Wong is the owner and operator of the award-winning restaurant Rosario’s. Lisa’s restaurant career began in 1981 when, at age 18, she took $7,000 of her college money and opened Lisa’s Mexican Restaurant to instant success. Three decades later, she is the creator of numerous successful restaurant concepts in San Antonio, including three Rosario’s locations and Ácenar. 

Rosario’s exemplifies the best of San Antonio Tex-Mex. Local food critics have consistently voted Rosario’s “Best Mexican Restaurant” in San Antonio, “Best Neighborhood Restaurant in Downtown-Southtown,” and Critics’ Choice for “Best Restaurant to Take Out-of-Town Guests.” After trying Rosario’s, I have to say I agree with the critics. Rosario’s offers some of the best traditional south-of-the-border dishes with a twist. I recommend starting your meal off right by ordering their specialty margaritas that are sure to give you a buzz and their scrumptious white queso and fire-roasted salsa. The menu also features classic entrees like puffy tacos, fish tacos and fajita that are sure to satisfy your Tex-Mex cravings. 

  • Mad Mack’s Burgers 

2933 Roosevelt Ave, San Antonio, TX 78214


Topping off the list is Mad Mack’s Burgers, owned by Shanda Kern. Open for just over a year, Mad Mack’s is all about family. The restaurant was named after Kern’s nieces, Madison and Mackenzie. It’s also run entirely by family members. Mad Mack’s offers unique burger options such as the chalupa burger, chili-cheese burger and, my personal favorite, hickory burger. But perhaps the most inventive item on the menu is their signature burger called the Mad Mack’s Burger, which uses grilled cheese sandwiches as the bun. This Southside burger joint is sure to be an exciting experience.

Jaida Sloan