Blue Star Gallery

Blue Star Contemporary currently has many exhibitions on view: Please Form a Straight Line, A Relationship with Flight, Sanctuary City Project and Objects of Aggression. With works from Maggie Evans, Jorge Villareal and Theresa Newsome, Blue Star Contemporary proved to have a fruitful selection of art.   

The first exhibition, ‘Please Form a Straight Line,’ is a group exhibition that explores a multitude of themes: architecture, collectivity and urban spaces. Maggie Evans and Jorge Villareal’s pieces were among the ones that stood out to most viewers. In her pieces, Evans presents her perspective on the collective behavior of society. Although each of her paintings is ominous rows of identical buildings, they each represent the uniformity of humans. We can only see what is happening on the outside of these buildings and are left to ponder the inner workings of the human experience. Meanwhile, UTSA alumni Jose Villareal’s photographs are vibrant portrayals of living spaces. In these living spaces, we can see the beauty of individuality. The colors in his photographs serve as an optimistic view of collectivity.  The juxtaposition between Evans’ and Villareal’s work serves as a window into different perspectives of collective living. 

‘Objects of Aggression’ by Theresa Newsome features prints of objects that incriminated unarmed Black men in the United States. In the hands of Black men who were victims of police brutality and racism were ordinary objects like a twenty-dollar bill and Skittles. According to Newsome’s artist statement, “the objects have now become pivotal and sometimes emblematic in the victim’s murder.” The artwork represents the painful reality of Black men and women in America and magnifies the dangerous issue of police brutality. 

Each exhibition will be available through May 9. Blue Star Contemporary offers free admission to the public with an appointment. If you are interested in seeing these works, visit Blue Star Contemporary’s