The best study spots at UTSA

Get your work done whilst exploring hidden gems on campus

Student Union seating area near the new Freebirds and Panda Express.

Laura Thevaos, Staff Writer

As we return to in-person classes, both freshman and sophomores alike find themselves on campus for the very first time. As a result, some of the best study spots on campus. As a senior here at UTSA, I was able to spend over a year with on-campus classes and I also commuted for the first year, so I had to find numerous places to study and take naps between classes. 

The first thing when thinking of good places to study is, how do you study best? Personally, I like secluded places with little to no people around me since it helps me focus. Sometimes, I like to go places where there are people just to meet new friends or when I am studying, since it is more of a social time and I have already accepted I will not get much work done.

I spoke to my roommate who said that one of her new favorite spots is inside the study rooms in the Student Union. I got to go inside one of the study rooms; it is large and spacious and there are wall-length whiteboards. Some of the rooms seat up to 15 people. You can rent the rooms out by scanning the code next to the door, so it is a great place to study with a group or work on a group project. There are also study rooms in the top floor of the John Peace Library and in the Science and Engineering Building.

I talked to several friends who are seniors at UTSA and their unanimous vote was that their favorite place to study is in the Student Union. There are plenty of tables and several couches on the top floor to sit on. There are usually a handful of people there, but it is not too crowded. It is a good place to talk and hang out with friends, but is not so crowded and loud that you are unable to get any work done. I personally like the Science and Engineering Building- a nice, modern building with huge couches, whiteboards and a quiet atmosphere

If you want somewhere outside to study, there is the top balcony of the John Peace Library, which has tables and benches. When the weather is nice, there is outdoor seating by the Starbucks next to the Student Union. In addition, I also really like the Arts Building. It is a quiet place and there is a balcony you can enter through the main hall, where you can go if you really do not want anyone to find you.

These are just some of the fun places to study on campus. I would encourage you to discover on your own and find new places to study and hang out. Finding good study spots also depend on how far you want to walk, whether you like quiet or louder spots and if you like to study indoors or outdoors. Also, once the weather cools down, many of the outdoor spots on campus will be more appealing than they are right now. Once you get to know UTSA better, it is a great campus; I would highly recommend studying on campus and making the most of it.