Why you need a hobby

Utilize your free time to clear your head

Laynie Clark, Assistant Arts & Life Editor

People have the tendency to overlook important things: for example, hobbies. Having a hobby can make or break your mental health, especially in college. When the word “hobby” comes to mind most people immediately jump to things like painting, crafting, gardening, etc. But the best part about having a hobby is that it can be something as small as watching Netflix, reading a book or even listening to music. There is no wrong or right hobby.

You may be wondering, “What in the world is so important about having a hobby?” Well, let’s paint a picture: it’s a Thursday night, you are sick and tired of writing essays and solving equations and all you want to do is cry. You decide to take a break, but what do you do during your break? That is where the hobby comes into play. This is where you take the time to relax and do something that brings you a sense of peace. Incorporating even the smallest amount of time just for yourself into your day can make a world of a difference for not only your mood, but your drive too.

After you have taken a break, read a book or played video games, you will feel more relaxed and will more than likely have a clearer mind. This comes in handy because now you are able to approach your schoolwork with a more positive attitude than you had before, when you were tense and on the verge of tears. You will start working harder to finish assignments because you are looking forward to the downtime that will follow. 

One of the many obstacles people claim to have is that they simply “don’t have time” but that could not be more false. The only reason you don’t have time for it is because you don’t make the time. In order to incorporate a hobby into your daily routine, you must make it a priority, because making time for yourself is so crucial to your well-being and sanity. It is without a doubt the biggest priority. 

It is not uncommon for people to disregard the need for downtime and a little self-love, but it is something that is beneficial more often than not. Once you start adding in these little time-slots of relaxation for yourself in your days, you will start noticing how much happier you are and how much more free you feel. That feeling of suffocation will no longer be as prominent, if there at all.