Jerusalem Grill: an oasis of flavor

Jerusalem Grill

Across Wurzbach Road from Ingram Park Mall, tucked away in a corner next to Roxy’s Sports Bar, is an oasis of Mediterranean cuisine. Jerusalem Grill (JG) offers delicious food from the Middle East, Persia, Greece and Turkey. With its own comfortable hookah bar next door, this exotic hideaway is the perfect place for a date or a small gathering of friends. With free Wi-Fi, Jerusalem Grill can also be a great place to kick back alone and study with delectable food and relaxing hookah.

Usually, there’s not much of a wait at JG; patrons are often able to choose their own tables. With walls covered in murals depicting an Arabic village and furniture designed with a Middle Eastern flair, the décor gives JG an authentic, Mediterranean atmosphere. The theme is enhanced with Arabic music videos playing on a couple of television sets, which is common among other hookah places.

The quality of JG’s service is entirely dependent on the server. Managers and most servers are very friendly and attentive, especially to regulars. There are some impatient servers, however, who often don’t pay attention to patrons’ needs.

Nevertheless, JG offers a family-friendly environment and rarely fails to please.

As for JG’s food, even unfamiliar palates will be delighted with JG’s menu. To get a full range of what JG has to offer, start with the mixed meals in the “From Our Grill” section of the menu. The mixed meals have generous portions and are sized for two, four or six diners; if the check is split up equally among all the diners, the mixed meals are the best value. They include multiple kabobs of beef, chicken and lamb (all of them moist and marinated to perfection); at least five appetizers; fresh pita bread; rice and grilled vegetables.

The appetizers are probably the most exciting part of JG’s menu. If one is unfamiliar with Mediterranean cuisine, the selection of appetizers might be overwhelming. Thankfully, they are well-described in the menu. The cucumber dill yogurt is a favorite among patrons, and its cool flavor complements the beef well if used as a dressing. The tabouleh salad-which consists of parsley, mint, tomato, special spices, olive oil and lemon juice-also goes very well with any of the meats. The hummus (a chickpea puree with garlic, lemon juice and olive oil) has a nice salty flavor, while the flavor of the baba ghannoug (an eggplant puree with garlic, lemon juice and olive oil) is strong and smoky. Both are best when eaten alone with the pita bread.

JG also offers other favorites such as gyros, grilled fish sandwiches and falafels, all of which are delish. JG has plenty of delectable vegetarian options as well.

After dinner, one of the best ways to prolong a great evening is to take some baklava-or some other Middle Eastern pastry-next door, order a pot of hot mint tea and relax. Enjoy some intoxicating hookah in such recommended flavors as blackberry, caramel or blue mist. Dinner can also be ordered in the restaurant and delivered in the hookah bar if you so choose.

A local oasis of Mediterranean flavor, Jerusalem Grill is located at 3259 Wurzbach Rd, San Antonio, TX 78238.