your month

Image by Alex Hanks

Image by Alex Hanks

Sofia Garcia, Editor-in-Chief

it’s October now

the feeling in my fingers is back again

point to your body and tell me where you feel it


a visceral embodiment of 

I love you

but you’re emotionally draining and

will you stop being so sensitive? and 

control yourself, for once, and 

are you sure about that outfit? and

that’s not true and 

this is all your fault, and

why can’t you just eat? and

you’re so dramatic and 

stop crying, I don’t want anyone to see



you’re all I have and 

I need you and 

I’m sorry I yelled and 

it’s only you and me, and 

I’m always here on your side and 

you’re beautiful and

you’re everything I want and 

please don’t leave and

I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry 


there’s a home in my chest 

it’s sliding down my arms  

and dripping down my sides


point, and tell me where you feel it