Setting a nightly routine

Don’t overlook the essential part of self-care

Laynie Clark, Assistant Arts & Life Editor

It is not uncommon to neglect the importance of having a healthy, stable nightly routine. Most people assume that the morning routine is more vital when it comes to getting a solid start to the day, but these assumptions could not be more wrong. While of course it is always good to have a morning routine set in place, it is actually the night routine that determines how the following day will go. That being said, it is time to plan the most epic night routine.



Typically, the night routine process begins after indulging in a satisfying dinner. The main thing to get everything rolling is to eat a fulfilling, nutritious dinner so your body will be prepared and ready for a night of relaxation. The body is a temple, and feeding it food that satisfies it is the key ingredient to starting the night off right. 


No Electronics

Put away the electronics. While it may be sad, it is one of the best ways to ensure a good night’s rest because they tend to keep people awake for extensive periods of time. Whether it be scrolling on TikTok or watching Netflix, everyone has fallen victim to the addicting virtual realities. To avoid this, set any alarms that will be needed for the following morning, put the cellular device on “do not disturb” and put it away. 


Calming Activities

After ridding yourself of your phone, take the time to find an activity that is peaceful to your mind and body. Taking a bath or reading a book is the perfect way to slow down while preparing yourself for bed. It is important to add an activity like this into your night routine because you are essentially taking time for yourself. 



Taking care of yourself is vital for your nightly routine. You had a long, tiring day and the night is the time where you take a deep breath and give yourself some love because you deserve it. The truth is, self-care is something that should be implicated throughout your entire day, but the night time is always a good time to really put in the effort. It is too often that many overlook their importance and forget to take care of themselves, which is why you must make it a priority to show yourself even a little bit of care before bedtime. 


Drink Water

Right before you crawl into your snuggly bed, stop and get yourself a cold glass of water. Drinking water is always important, but it definitely helps calm your body if you take long, savoring sips before you go to sleep. Though, you need to know your limit, otherwise you are going to wake in the middle of the night because you have to use the bathroom and that is never fun.


Now that you have completed all of the necessary steps needed for a healthy nightly routine, turn out the lights and let the dreams take you. Just remember, there will always be nights where you are restless and have trouble staying asleep, but following these steps will help lessen the possibility of nights like that occurring. Sleep is a fragile thing that must be handled with care, much like yourself.