Gadhafi regime “coming to an end”

February marked the beginning of the revolution in Libya. Six months later rebels are inching closer to capturing Moammar Gadhafi.

Though Gadhafi still maintains a group of loyalists, the numbers are decreasing.

The months following the revolution, the loyalists were still strong, but with recent rebel control over Tripoli the Gadhafi regime is quickly fading away.

President Obama released a statement from his vacation location in Martha’s Vineyard re-establishing the U.S. support for a democratic Libya.

Obama described the situation in Libya as having reached a “tipping point” and said it was clear to him that “Gadhafi’s rule is over.”

While Obama maintains certainty in the end of the dictator’s rule, a former aide who worked with Gadhafi for nine years said, “He’s not going to surrender.”

Gadhafi’s former aide also believes in the dictator’s strong determination in fighting to regain his position “till the bitter end” and does not rule out Gadhafi’s ability to regroup.

Gadhafi has been in hiding; his current location is unknown. U.S. Government officials do not believe he has left the country, while other officials believe he has fled.