Mon Laferte shows off her musical prowess at the Aztec Theatre

Mon Laferte delivers a show-stopping performance for fans

Saryvette Morales Cádiz, Arts & Life Editor

Mon Laferte is a Chilean singer, songwriter and musician renowned for her vocal performances and musical versatility. Her discography spans a total of six albums in which she has composed songs in a wide range of musical genres including: pop, rock, ranchera, cumbia, salsa, boleros and folk. One of the stops on her U.S. tour was Downtown San Antonio’s historic Aztec Theatre on Oct. 23. 

Photo courtesy of Saryvette Morales Cádiz

Laferte began the concert by singing “Aunque Te Mueras Por Volver” from her latest album release, “Seis.” Her voice was responded to with an eruption of screams from the audience, as they were excited to see Laferte singing. The audience was enthusiastic and energetic throughout the entire performance, as they shouted over compliments and admiration toward Laferte: “¡hermosa!,” “¡Mon, te quiero!,” “¡te amo!.” Everyone in the venue was absolutely thrilled to be in her presence. 

Laferte performed alongside a live band that consisted of a drummer, bassist, guitarist and trumpet player. Not only did Laferte show off her vocal range, she sang whilst playing both acoustic and electric guitar and to everyone’s surprise, even broke into a short harmonica solo. 

Photo courtesy of Saryvette Morales Cádiz

Laferte and her band performed songs from her latest album, “Seis,” and songs from her most popular albums: “Norma,” “La Trenza” and “Mon Laferte, Vol 1.”

 During her performance she said: “Me dijeron que cuando uno está en Texas hay que cantar una canción de Selena.” (“Someone told me that when you’re in Texas you have to sing a Selena [Selena Quintanilla] song”). Suddenly, the band broke out into an acapella version of Quintanilla’s hit song “Como La Flor.”  The crowd cheered once they recognized the familiar song and everyone sang along the famous chorus: “Como la flor…. Con tanto amor..” 

Photo courtesy of Saryvette Morales Cádiz

At around 10:30 p.m., Laferte said goodbye to the audience and left with her band. The stage was dark and empty, it seemed the concert had ended. The crowd then started shouting “¡Otra, otra, otra!” (“Another!”). They wanted Laferte to play at least one more song. After 2 minutes of screaming, the adoring fans got what they wanted, Laferte and her band ran to the stage and performed three more songs. The songs she performed are considered her biggest hits: rock anthem “Tormento,” power ballad  “Antes De Ti” and her most popular song, “Tu Falta de Querer.”

Mon Laferte is a musical powerhouse. Her vocals were impeccable; she sounds the same live as she does on her studio recordings. Her band performed passionately alongside Laferte, making it a sensational collaboration. They emotionally moved the audience with their music, as there were audience members singing the verses on the top of their lungs and crying out in either joy or melancholy. 

 What makes Laferte’s performance even more impressive is the fact that she performed while being 6 months pregnant. Being pregnant is a great feat on it’s own; imagine touring the U.S. and performing for two hours every night. Mon Laferte is unstoppable. 

Photo courtesy of Saryvette Morales Cádiz