Love and politics

Laynie Clark, Assistant Arts & Life Editor

That’s it, you have found the one. You look them in the eyes and it feels like your heart is in your throat and the world has stopped; it’s like they were made for you. Conversation flows and you laugh so effortlessly with them that it feels like you’re floating. This is your soulmate, or so you thought. Somehow, the subject of politics is brought up and the two of you couldn’t be more different. It’s hard, you don’t want to believe the fact that you are on opposite ends of the political spectrum and you fear that their morality might align with their political nonsense. This is either going to make or break the relationship. 

The world has been divided by politics, but what about relationships? Is it possible to have a healthy, steady, intimate relationship with someone that does not have the same political beliefs? Typically, values and moral compasses fall in line with political stances. Because of this, you can usually get a pretty solid idea on someone’s values once you have learned where they stand politically. 

Take abortion, for example. You firmly believe that women should have every right to make their own decisions, especially when it pertains to their own body. This is something you are very passionate about, but your partner does not agree. Your partner thinks women should have no say when it comes to abortion, or really any decision for that matter. They believe that a woman’s purpose is to stay at home with her bundle of kids and be the typical old-fashioned housewife. Whether you choose to acknowledge it or not, this will cause strain on your relationship. 

If your values and morals do not align with your partner’s, it is going to make for a complicated life, because you may want to go to work full time while your partner expects you to stay home. This is just one example, but there are many more that can be said. You believe COVID-19 is very real and should be taken seriously, so you social distance and wear your mask while your conservative partner thinks the pandemic is all a farce and just a way for the government to take control of everyone. Because of this, you are constantly having to avoid bringing up any subject that relates to politics, which happens to be everything. Government, money, technology, jobs, diseases, celebrities, vaccines, anything and everything is somehow tied to politics. 

Not to be the bearer of bad news, but this is no way to live. Sharing the same political beliefs as your partner is by far the most crucial aspect in ensuring a smooth relationship. While it may be possible to continue a relationship on opposite ends, it is something that would take a huge toll mentally on both partners involved. Once you find a partner that is on the same page politically you will truly feel like the world has stopped and like you can finally breathe. Don’t subject yourself to someone who does not respect your values; you are better than that.