How to find your passion

Passion is what drives us to do what we love

Guissel Mora, Contributing Writer

Purpose creates passion; when we look for meaning in life, we are one step closer to finding our passions. Yes, passions: we are often told we are put in this world to serve one purpose, but that’s an outdated phrase. Finding our passion differs throughout several stages. I believe there are different ones for separate parts of our lives. Living life purposefully is a part of the journey to finding our biggest passion: happiness. For example, when I was younger, like many other people, I hoped to one day live “happily ever after.” Then, I grew a bit older and my goal was to go to school. Now here I am, getting an education and feeling very lost; maybe some of you are feeling like this as well. 

We act on what we think is right, so we fulfill our academic passion throughout college by joining organizations, completing internships and even switching our majors to find what we really want to do. But, we never begin to think about our personal passions. This is when I think we should be exploring everything we have been scared to do because of the times we were told, “You won’t make money like that!” or asked, “Are you sure that’s what you want to do?” Best of all, this is the time to fail. Failing is how we learn from our experiences and learn to get past fear of failure. I have failed at many tasks, but the best thing about doing so is reflecting and realizing, “At least I was doing it for me.” Finding your passion may not be the easiest process, but don’t fret — though you may not have found your passion yet, the best part of the journey is exploring new ways to find it.