Are We UTSA?

The hardwood heroes are Southland champions. Blowout against Ohio State aside, We were 1-1 in the NCAA tournament.

That win against Alabama State was the first win for any UTSA team in an NCAA tournament.

But all this popularity has led to a problem: The national media still calls us Texas-San Antonio, even though we are officially UTSA.

It even says in our weekly basketball press release to call us UTSA, yet throughout both the Alabama State game and the Ohio State game they rarely called us UTSA. Even the scoreline on the bottom of the screen read TX-SA.

Now some of that might have been because we were in the dance for the first time since 2004. But it might also have to do with the announcers failing to turn to page seven of our weekly press release which says in big letters: “WE ARE UTSA”.

If we are going to be “the next great Texas university”, we must drive home the point that we are UTSA. Look at UTEP and UCLA, everyone knows who that is. They do not have the same problem we do.

If we are going to make frequent appearances on national TV, we must put “WE ARE UTSA” front and center on press releases for all sports.

We can at least make sure that they see our name and when we make it on national TV again they will call us what we are: UTSA.