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Independent Student Newspaper for the University of Texas at San Antonio

The Paisano

Independent Student Newspaper for the University of Texas at San Antonio

The Paisano

Chasing down San Antonio’s top taco

Top taco

Congratualations to the top eight taco places in San Antonio. After two weeks of voting and a neck and neck competition San Antonio has narrowed the list to eight eateries that could potentially house the best taco in the city. The restaurant’s are as follows:

Los Perejil:

A popular taco truck, Los Perejil that makes its home at the corner of Bandera Road and Gilbeau. This late-night eatery has many specialty plates of their own creation.

Mama Margie’s:

This taco joint has been a San Antonio favorite since it opened in 1993. Mama Margie’s serves delicious tacos all day and night. On top of their tasty tacos, they have an excellent chips and salsa bar. Mama Margie’s caters to those who are looking for a little bit of fun as well by playing Karaoke on Monday and Tuesday nights, depending on the location. They may not serve traditional Mexican Food, but Mama Margie’s is great San Antonio Tex-Mex. The locals seem to love it.


Chacho’s is famous for their large and messy proportions. Their tacos are no different, as they are a tasty San Antonio tradition. And if one is worried about pinching pennies, Chacho’s tacos are affordable, too. Even with their growing locations, Chacho’s feels like home, as many visitors are regulars. Chacho’s tacos are made just the way Mexican food should be.


Student’s at UTSA are very familiar with Chela’s red taco truck. Since 2009 Chela’s has been providing students as well as anyone in the area witha variety of breakfast and lunch tacos. Chela’s has some of the usual tacos like barbacoa, pastor, chicharon en salsa verde, potato and egg and bean and cheese. The truck speciality is la costra del guero. La costra is a white cheese fondue with either carne asada, chorizo or pastor and corn tortillas.


Located right next to The Cantina, Ricky’s is a very popular late-night taco stop. The line at Ricky’s can get very long and can sometimes extend to the parking lot. Ricky’s specializes in bringing their patrons Mexican street tacos. Their menu options include mini tacos that are served on a corn tortilla taco with either asada, chicken, fajita or pastor with the option of cilantro, onion, cheese, lime and salsa.

Taco Haven:

Since it’s 1969 opening Taco Haven has continued to grow and now has two locations in San Antonio. Home to 35 varieties of tacos it’s no wonder its called Taco Haven. Taco Haven is extremely popular during their breakfast hour and has even been featured in the Food Network magazine as the state’s best breakfast place. Some of the tacos on their menu are barbacoa, tripas, puerco en chile colorado, the Torres Special and Haven Taco.

Taqueria Datapoint:

Taqueria Datapoint is a small hole in the wall type of restaurant located on Medical Drive. But don’t let its size fool you. Inside the small taqueria you’ll find Northern Mexico tastes mixed with Tex-Mex options.

La Gloria:

Opened just over a year ago La Gloria has been providing patrons with authentic Mexican street food. La Gloria steers clear from the run of the mill tacos and goes for tacos that are both rich in flavor and represent Mexican cuisine. Some of the taocs that can be found at La Gloria are the tacos de alambre, Puerquito Echado (spiced pork), Potosino and they also offer classics like tacos al pastor and bistec.

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