Newest Fish In The Sea: Adapting to a new semester

Laynie Clark, Opinion Editor

It’s a new semester, which means new courses, routines and anxieties … Or just the same ones as before but in a new form. Adapting to a new semester can be daunting, especially for freshmen, but there are a few tips and tricks that can make the transition a bit smoother.


Going into a semester can be overwhelming, especially when trying to organize a new daily schedule. Investing in a planner or calendar is the difference between life and death when beginning a new semester; it is the most efficient way to organize dates for events, classes and time with friends. Doing this will help ease some of the stress and make obligations feel less congested. 

Less texting, more sleeping

Create a new routine and unplug by shutting off any electronic devices at least an hour before the preferred bedtime. This helps ease the mind by giving it a chance to focus on something that doesn’t involve staring at a screen, promoting a better night’s sleep. Using electronics before bedtime prevents the natural production of melatonin; getting a good night’s sleep helps ensure a solid start to the next day.

Outline course syllabi

Take the time to go through and outline all new course syllabi — doing this will aid in the transition because it will ignite a sense of comfort and stability when the course begins. This also connects with having a planner or calendar because due dates and other important events can be written down for future reference. Not only that, outlining course syllabi is crucial to academic success throughout the entirety of the course.

Take time to appreciate small moments of happiness

Don’t let the stress take over. Remember that there are still moments of peace and happiness even if they are scattered. Actively seek them out; whether it is in hobbies, friends or just time alone, moments of happiness are needed in stressful times. Moments like these will serve as a reminder that everything will be okay.

Following these tips can lead to a successful semester, and that is always the end goal. A new semester equals new experiences — don’t miss out on new opportunities. We are fortunate to be having our long-awaited  “college experience,” so channel your inner main character and live it to the fullest.