Being vaccinated is patriotic

Editorial Board

As of Jan. 26, according to the United States Army secretary, the COVID-19 vaccine will be mandatory for the Army, and any soldier that refuses to get the vaccine will be dismissed. This order pertains to any Army soldier — regular, cadets and active-duty. After the order was set in motion, a majority of troops received at least one, if not both, doses of the vaccine because they were assured that it was critical to maintaining “combat readiness.” 

The United States Defense Department released data confirming 92 troops have passed due to COVID-19 difficulties, all of whom were not fully vaccinated. With 92 dead and 365,752 total cases — as shown in the data above — it is evident that getting vaccinated should be a top priority. Enlisting in the U.S. Army is an incredible honor, and one that should not be taken lightly, but that honor comes with a lot of responsibility. The biggest responsibility is to protect American citizens, which means receiving the COVID-19 vaccine and all of the newly released boosters. 

Making the vaccine mandatory for all troops is what the Army needed. The United States Army has faced the most deaths — compared to the other armed services — and while the number has decreased, it is nowhere near stopping completely. Troops cannot risk catching COVID-19 and jeopardizing their health because they need to be in top-notch shape and prepared for whatever may come their way — it is part of the job. 

Fighting for this country does not just include running into battle and preparing for combat; it means making the right decisions and putting America’s health first. Receiving the COVID-19 vaccine and boosters is the most patriotic thing anyone can do. This pandemic is quickly becoming the biggest war that the country has faced, and without a high number of vaccinated citizens, it will never be conquered.