Athlete of the Week: Jacob Germany


Julia Maenius

Jacob Germany goes up for a layup during a game against IUPUI earlier this season. Germany put up a career-high 26 points and notched his seventh double-double of the season in UTSA’s loss this weekend to WKU.

Julia Maenius, Assistant Sports Editor

Seven-foot southpaw Jacob Germany is hard to miss on the court. Since joining the UTSA men’s basketball program in 2019, Germany has established himself as the Roadrunners’ big man, bringing a strong presence in the paint.

The junior center first picked up a basketball in kindergarten and became the top-ranked collegiate prospect in Oklahoma by his senior season of high school. 

“My dad was my coach for this little league in my hometown,” Germany said. “He played basketball in JUCO, and he always kept me around basketball. That is why I fell in love with it. I wear his number, and he inspires me in a lot of ways.”

The Kingston, OK. native was UTSA’s first four-star recruit for the program. Germany led his high school team to the 2018-19 Oklahoma 3A State Championship before coming to UTSA.

“UTSA was one of the first schools to recruit me,” Germany said. “I didn’t even think about playing college basketball. Coach (Scott) Thompson, our assistant coach, was one of the first to ever reach out to me. We developed a really good relationship between his family and my family. I came here on a visit and absolutely fell in love.”

During his debut season, Germany earned the starting center spot, seeing action in 31 of 32 contests. He averaged 5.5 points and 4.5 rebounds per game with a team-high 25 blocks and 15 steals. 

“Confidence is a big key in basketball,” Germany said. “I think that is really what has helped me develop my game. The coaches trust me, so that is another reason. The game just comes easier. You can tell from my freshman year to now, the game has just gotten progressively easier. It is confidence and faith in my teammates and coaches.”

Germany is all about consistency. The center follows a music-centered pregame routine before stepping onto the court.

“I do the same shooting workout every single time at the exact time,” Germany said. “I have to listen to The Weeknd in my headphones when I am doing my shooting. When I get in my car to come here, I have to play “Baby” by Lil Baby and DaBaby exactly when I start to pull out. That is the one thing I have to do. If we are playing an away game, when the bus starts rolling I have to push play. I am kind of tired of listening to it since I have been doing it for three years, but I have to.”

In his sophomore campaign, Germany played in all 26 games with 24 starts. He averaged 10.3 points and six rebounds per game, blocking 30 shots. He went 45-61 from the free-throw line and recorded 13 games with double-digit scoring numbers. 

“I was focused on being a presence in the paint during the offseason,” Germany said. “If it takes the defense one and a half or two guys to guard me, that favors us. I worked on my game down low and the jump shot. I think that is a thing with age, you just get better and better, so that is what I am trying to do.”

As a junior, Germany leads the Roadrunners in scoring with 376 points and 185 boards. Establishing himself as a leader on the court, Germany averages 14.5 points and 7.1 rebounds per game and has 24 blocks and 16 swipes this season.

“I think it is huge that the team needs someone to be there for them in the good and bad times,” Germany said. “It is easy to step up when you are playing good, but when you are struggling, that is when you really need to bring the team together and be a leader.”

Giving the credit to his family for inspiring him to play the game, Germany chose his favorite player through the importance of family. 

“Giannis Antetokounmpo is my favorite player,” Germany said. “He came from Greece and didn’t get a jersey when he played in high school. He was the water boy. Going from the trenches and making to be one of the greatest players in the world is a miracle story. There is a story where he could not afford to get to the arena from his apartment because he was sending all of his money back home to his mom. He ran 45 minutes to the arena before a game, and a fan picked him up and took him to the arena. That is exactly what I would do too for my mom, so he is definitely an inspiration.”

Off the court, Germany spends his time playing video games and spending time with his teammates.

“I am a big nerd,” Germany said. “I play video games all the time. If I am not playing basketball, that is what I am doing or hanging out with my teammates. My favorite game of all time is ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops.’ I kid you not, I put like 40 days of in-game playing time over a span of six years.”

The ambidextrous player is a jack of all trades, learning various hobbies and keeping a rolodex of talents.

“I am pretty good at golfing and juggling. I am proud of that one,” Germany said. “I can also sing. My sister went to college on a singing scholarship and taught me. When I was growing up, she taught me to sing. I am pretty good at fishing and tubing, the lake things. My dad is a five-star chef, so he taught me how to cook too.”

As a multidisciplinary studies major, Germany has been named to the C-USA Commissioner’s Honor Roll twice in his career at UTSA. Germany looks to the future with basketball in mind.

“I plan on trying to play basketball after college,” Germany said. “The degree is going to help, and I promised my grandparents that I would get it. I definitely want to continue to play basketball and help out my family.”

Germany uses his platform to spread a greater message through faith.

“In the long run, I think my purpose is to use basketball and the following I get from it to spread the word of God,” Germany said. “I think that is my overall goal and purpose. It is a platform to spread Jesus. That is another reason why I play. It has molded me to be a good guy.”