San Antonio Starbucks joins the movement

Editorial Board

On Feb. 7, a San Antonio Starbucks used social media to announce their plans to unionize, meaning they will be standing together as a united front to build worker power and advocate for better wages, benefits and stability in hours. Starbucks locations all over the country have been unionizing, but this is the first that San Antonio has seen. In doing so, workers hope to establish more employee rights and a voice to be heard when speaking on unideal workplace conditions.

Kevin Johnson, president and CEO of the Starbucks Support Center, released a statement declaring their decision to unionize and join the rest of the Starbucks community. 

“During unpredictable crisis our store went above and beyond to provide for one another. In order to provide the best care for our customers and fellow partners we stand in solidarity with stores across the country to unionize and stand up for our needs,” the statement said.

The statement goes on to underscore the importance of unionizing and how this will be beneficial for Starbucks as a whole.

“Unionizing gives us the power to speak up for ourselves, our peers and our organization with a powerful collection of voices — all intent on improving the Starbucks experience for everyone. We stand behind the concerns and needs of each of our partners because their livelihood matters,” the statement said. 

Finishing off, the statement tells how San Antonio is ready to be part of the movement and claim their rights.

“In order to best serve the San Antonio and surrounding communities we as a union want to fill the empty seat representing partners at your table. We are ready to finally be regarded as your partner, officially,” the statement concluded. 

The massive wave of unionization within the Starbucks chain has started to consequently produce union-busting practices, meaning employees are allegedly being fired for participating in union organizing. That being said, while unionizing is still such a heated debate, it is beginning to head in the right direction. As more organizations begin to unionize, more and more voices are going to be heard and appreciated. 

Employees have the right to fight for better workplace conditions and that should not be overlooked; if anything it needs to be enhanced. Hopefully, with time, more Starbucks stores will open up the conversation to the ideas of better wages, benefits and all-around better working conditions.