Health department’s integrity questioned due to altered photo

The New York City Department of Health did not violate any ethical boundaries when they altered a stock photo to show the effects diabetes can have on a person.

Several years ago, aspiring actor Cleo Berry participated in a photo shoot where he received $500. Berry admits to signing a waiver before the shoot which allowed for alterations to be made to the photos.

The distribution of the photos to the New York City Department of Health was also an agreement in the waver. The health department then changed the photo for an anti-diabetes campaign by cutting the overweight man’s leg off.

Since amputations are common for people who have diabetes, the campaign was only trying to show the long-term effects of the disease which could be hereditary, but can also be caused by having low amounts of activity, poor diet, and being overweight.

If the advertisement is an issue for being misleading, then the popular Food Network star Paula Deen should also be held accountable for not disclosing her Type 2 Diabetes as she is overweight and promotes a poor diet.

Berry wanted to have publicity to get his career in gear, and he did. He should just be proud that his picture is being used all over New York City to promote awareness of a very serious disease in the United States.