And Lived Happily Ever After (Ballade)

Image by Alex Hanks

Image by Alex Hanks

Rand Whitfield, Staff Writer

Once upon a time,

An entropic void diverged

To create a world, sublime,

On which a great people emerged.

Their numbers and empires surged,

Their expansion growing ever faster.

To every star they turned,

And lived happily ever after.


Countless lives begun, resigned,

Countless fleeting voices unheard —

One by one the darkness outshined,

One by one to darkness returned. 

No fear, nor dread, nor concern 

For each soul who’d concluded its chapter… 

With forever their consciousness merged,

And lived happily ever after.


For why should one fear the divine?

‘Twas all before we were birthed.

And why should one curse their design?

‘Tis all until we are purged.

Death, to me, is preferred

Than to live with infinite laughter,

So I smiled at all I had learned

And lived happily ever after.


The void then again converged,

As space gave a little whimper.

I received all for which I yearned

And lived happily ever after.