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Independent Student Newspaper for the University of Texas at San Antonio

The Paisano

UTSA offers variety of services for new students

One hundred eighty four dollars and eighty cents. Did you know this is how much you are paying for student services in your tuition? Are you aware of what these services are and how they can help benefit you?


UTSA offers free tutoring services at the Tomas Rivera Center (TRC) through Supplemental Instruction, a series of weekly study sessions for difficult courses, guided by students who have successfully completed them. Three 50-minute sessions are offered each week. The TRC also offers tutoring in the Multidisciplinary Studies Building for various disciplines including Calculus, Chemistry and Physics.

At the Judith G. Gardner Center for Writing Excellence tutors can help you finesse your writing skills. No, they won’t type your paper for you, but they will help you overcome your writer’s block as well as other headaches that come with writing.

Interim Associate Director of the Writing Center Marguerite Newcomb said that the tutors “work with student writers from any and all disciplines at any stage of the writing process.” Tutors are also available to translate for foreign language students.

Students may set up appointments or go to HSS 2.02.22 and receive one-on-one help.

Health and Wellness

For a small fee, Student Health Services offers free pregnancy testing as well as testing for HIV other STD’s.

“Student Health Services is comprised of a few departments. We have the medical clinic, an orthopedic clinic, a woman’s wellness clinic, and a men’s health clinic,” Assistant Director of Health Education Barbara Reyes said.

Reyes also said a pharmacy is available to students where one can get prescriptions for “birth-control pills and aches and pain medications, but nothing that is a mind-altering substance.”

Medical Services is located at the Recreation Center, RWC 1.500.

Therapists are also available on campus to help with personal problems. Counseling Services, in the UC, room 2.01.04, offers a variety of free services for students.

“We offer free individual, group and couple’s counseling,” Post-Doctoral Counselor Edward Wright said.

Also offered is “testing for assessments for learning disabilities and ADHD. Sessions are generally 45-50, minutes long and students can come in for 12 sessions,” Wright said.

The Campus Recreation and Wellness Center has a nutritionist on staff to address your dietary needs and to help you get on the right foot to leading a healthy lifestyle. Personal fitness trainers are standing by to help you get the right work-out. The Recreation Center also has several amenities including group exercise studios, a massage therapist studio and a demonstration kitchen with three free cooking classes each month.

“There are three main goals: The recipes need to be cheap and cost-effective, healthy and need to consist of common ingredients one would commonly have at hand,” Assistant Director of Fitness and Wellness Steven Kudika said.

“Students come here to learn how to cook, and learn why to cook various recipes by a nutritionist on staff.” He hopes students leave the demonstration, “taking skills from it.”


Career Services is an especially helpful tool for students whether one needs help finding career placement after college, a part-time job on the side or wants to perfect their resume and interviewing skills.

Located in the UC room 2.02.04, students can come in for individual career counseling, assistance for choosing a major, resume help, career development workshops and mock interview practices. Career Services also hosts career fairs throughout the semester.

Whether you have health concerns, need tutoring, career help, counseling or just want to get an exhilarating workout, on-campus services will meet your needs.

For more info:

The Judith G. Gardner Center for Writing Excellence: (210) 458-6703

Supplemental Instruction: (210) 458-7251

Medical Services: (210) 458-4142 Recreation and Wellness Center: (210) 458-7575

Career Services: (210) 458-4589

Counseling Services: (210) 458-4140

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