Liars in Love (a poem)

Kennedy Bustos, Staff Writer

You’ve made a hypocrite of me, you know. 

You’ve made me a liar.

All the things I never believed in, 

are now the things I hold closest to my heart —

and it’s you, 

it’s you.

You’re everything I’ve ever wanted. 

You’ve remade me into something new,

with an intimate delicacy and a balanced hand.

All the oaths I had sworn,

you single-handedly made me break them.

Help me reconcile the truth,

the truth that I am not the person I once was—

that I am changed, irrevocably,

that you have changed me.

The marks you’ve left on me are not so easily erased…

and maybe you’ve changed too,

maybe my love has reshaped you 

into something, someone, that cannot be changed:

a phenomenon that cannot be undone. 

All the futures I’d promised to keep to myself

no longer seem fair now, do they?

When the future could be ours instead.