The UTSA Career Center

Go take advantage of their many services

Isabella McGovern, Assistant Magazine Editor

The UTSA Career Center offers students an array of services that relate to career planning and resources. Many students visit the office for career exploration, especially when they want to change their major or career. The Center has counselors on standby to help students choose the right career path for them. They also have career assessments for students who are undecided. 

The Career Center provides services to help students build their resumes. The office goes over CV reviews, cover letters, school and work history. Along with that, they also offer mock interviews. Students will say what type of company and job they are interviewing for and the Career Center will have their counselors create a mock interview that mimics the questions the company may ask.

Another big resource the office has to offer is guidance on internships. Internships and “Experiential Learning” are great ways to explore potential career paths and gain experience.  They have opportunities such as research and innovation, industry projects, entrepreneurship, leadership and volunteering. As students participate in these experiences on campus, their accomplishments will be recorded on their Experience Transcript. 

Additionally, the Career Center provides the Career Closet, where students can rent professional work clothes for interviews if students do not have any. The Center has a strict policy that their clothes must be dry cleaned before returning to the office. 

Students can visit the Career Center no matter their classification —  as long as they are a UTSA students and registered for classes. The Career Center even offers its services to alumni.

On their website, they have more information from news to job opportunities. The Career Center is a resource UTSA students should not miss out on.