you have to be able to do that for yourself

Illustration by Alex Hanks

Illustration by Alex Hanks

Sofia Garcia, Editor-in-Chief

you can rest now

you can rest now for the sake of your long lost sanity

feel held by your own warmth 

and be solaced by gentle conversations with your wounded conscience 


let compassion win the confrontation with self-sabotage 

and avoid your familiarity with the comfort of misery


give the feelings a chance to echo and echo and echo

and be careful not to caress the hands that suffocate your needs 


let go of the place in your head that happily houses resentment 

and step into acceptance without the anticipation of regret


speak carefully through your inner monologue

and fall into a rhythm of taking power without asking


engage with the voice that shoves disappointment down your throat

and find the will to replace it with one that strives to be all-knowing 


free yourself from the grasp of a hopeless nature