Luchadores take over Gallery 23

The Series of Luchadors’ Bravado and Traits

Isabella McGovern, Staff Writer

At the Student Union, Gallery 23 is hosting an exhibition titled “Otro Round Another Round” by Juan De Dios Mora. The art gallery features 25 prints of different luchadores. They express the culture of a luchador, but most importantly, the different personality traits one can have. Whether in black and white or vibrant color, the prints do not fail to catch the eyes of visitors because each has a story to tell that can be absolutely relatable. However, before that, one must understand the history of what it is to be a luchador. 

Wrestling in Spanish is “Lucha Libre” and was introduced in Mexico in 1933. Compared to other wrestling styles, Mexico’s Lucha Libre is one of the most culturally-rich and iconic styles of wrestling, mostly due to their luchadores (wrestlers). What is unique about Mexico’s luchadores are their brightly colored costumes, capes and shoes, but overall, their masks. Masks of luchadores are vibrant and easy to identify. They are the soul of a luchador’s career and help them maintain anonymity. The designs are unique to each persona. In Lucha Libre, luchadores can be either heroes or villains and yet are adored by all who watch their entertaining show. 

This series of luchador prints embrace the culture of the Lucha Libre but also their bravado and personality. The purpose is to show that each luchador represents a human characteristic and alter ego that we, as viewers, can relate to. Some represent feelings, behaviors and fantasies. Even though these artworks are out of the ordinary, they represent something a visitor can associate themselves with. These various prints of luchadores, whether hero or villain, are powerful and one of a kind. 

The exhibition will be on display through April 29.  

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Isabella McGovern