Full stop

Image by Alex Hanks

Image by Alex Hanks

Sanne Peek, Graphic Designer

A period marks the end of a sentence,

the end of thought,

“The End!”

what a monstrous fate;


but that’s just it,

one ending does not a conclusion make:

it doesn’t mark a finale,

just a new chapter that lies in wait


like the period that ends an obituary 

will not signify the end of their extent —

their memories and words passed down,

their mark on the world still ever-present


so instead of viewing this punctuation

with fear of a future that’s dimming

I see it for what it is —

a means to a new beginning


so I beg of you don’t fear what you don’t know 

the shadowy abyss that lies in wait,

don’t look back on what you had with sadness

because what you once had was so great


look to the future with admiration

of the world before you that you helped create;

because even when you come to an end — 

there’s never really a full stop