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Student shot at Reserve, suspects still at large

Shooting at Reserve

On Nov. 2, Lindsey Blair, a 19-year-old St. Phillips student and resident of The Reserve apartments was shot in the thigh as he stood in the doorway of his apartment, according to the San Antonio Police Department’s (SAPD) Public Information Office. The wound was not life-threatening and the victim is in good condition.

The Reserve Apartments are located at 13903 Babcock Road, near the UTSA Main Campus.

According to the SAPD, there are two suspects, a Caucasian male and an African American male who are both between the ages of 18 to 22. They left the scene in a light green Chevrolet Cavalier.

At 11:30 a.m., Blair opened the door and heard a gun being cocked, which prompted him to close the door immediately. The two suspects forced entry into the apartment and proceeded to shoot Lindsey in the leg.

Blair’s roommate, Dwayne Bryant, a UTSA freshman and music major, was lying down in his bed as one of the bullets flew through his room perforating his door and wall. Blair entered his room to inform Bryant that he had been shot and ordered him to close the door.

Bryant said that he is not aware who the two suspects are, and does not know why they forced their way into the apartment. Davion Black, Blair’s other roommate, a UTSA psychology major, also said that he did not know whether Blair was the intended target.

“I was just wondering why I wasn’t shot,” Black said. “I was sitting on the couch when they ran in, and I guess since I didn’t move they didn’t see me as a threat. They ran back and left.”

According to the San Antonio Express-News, the shooting might have been connected to events that took place during a party on Saturday night.

Immediately after the shooting, SAPD officers did not permit residents to enter the complex, and the UTSA temporarily suspended shuttle services to The Reserve.

Several residents of The Reserve expressed concerns regarding the shooting and their safety.

Sophomore and Reserve resident Christopher Elizondo said it is easy for non-residents to enter the complex.

“Everybody gets in,” he said.

The Reserve shooting reminded Elizondo that, last April, a tow truck driver was shot and killed at the Outpost apartments.

“The same people are always causing the same stuff,” Adrian Perez, another resident said.

Alaina Mausner lives next to the apartment where the shooting took place. She said the two suspects accidently knocked on her apartment door first before finding the victim’s apartment.

“All I know is that the guy with the gun came and [knocked] on our apartment and [I wasn’t] home,” she said. The two suspects realized they were in the wrong apartment and proceeded to the victim’s apartment.

“My roommate was in the apartment at the time and she heard two gun shots [next door],” Mausner said.

Mausner is concerned that the shooting is not an isolated incident.

“This is not the first time I’ve heard gun shots from my neighbors,” she said.

Mausner said more security is needed at the Reserve.

“Every other weekend when these fools throw parties, [the cops] don’t do anything,” Mausner said. “They’ll come over here and break it up and then they’ll leave. But obviously something needs to be done because someone got shot today.”

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