Youthful Fool


Illustration by Alex Hanks

Regina Robert, Contributing Writer

I’m a child

I’m young and inexperienced

I’m naive and guidable

Easy to fool

Easy to lie to

For lies will always be truth to me

I just want to be taken care of

Someone to care for me as much

As I care about everyone else

Someone that will notice

That my eyes are dark not because of nature

But because the hope, lights and life

Has been drained out

And not even the sun can give them light

My eyes hurt all the time

I grew before I knew

I was pushed into the world with no parachute

I took a hard fall

And I never got to learn how to catch someone else

So all I can do is stand there

And watch them fall

Hope they will accept my help to cure their wounds

Learn how to rate their pain

That is the best I can do

Until I’m able to fix what others broke