SA Gems: Vice Versa Coffee & Records

Local coffee shop expands business repertoire

Chloe Williams, Web and Social Editor

With the fall semester in full swing, the need for reliable and enjoyable study locations is a necessity. Opened just two months ago in Saint Paul Square by the Alamodome, Vice Versa Coffee & Vinyl Records checks off every box for a great experience. 

The owner of Vice Versa, Vincent Guerrero, grew up on San Antonio’s Westside where he fell in love with breakdancing in Saint Paul Square. Guerrero has now come full circle by owning a business where he used to dance.

“When I was younger, I would come with my friends,” Guerrero remarks. “I was like 16 and we would bring our little camera and we would try to make dance videos and break [dance] … but we would always get kicked out by security. So I think growing up, it made me want to be here even more — you know — as a kid you could kick me out, but now I’m here and have a business. I can do what I want.” 

Not only is Vice Versa Coffee & Vinyl Records a coffee shop and study space, it also features a listening space where you can enjoy Guerrero’s personal collection of vinyl and a wall full of records available for purchase. 

“My biggest thing is comfortability and feeling welcome,” Guerrero said. “I want anyone and everyone to be able to come in here and feel like they can hang out. They can speak at a normal volume and they could you know work or study or just kick it with their friends … I want people to feel like they’re home because, basically, it kind of is a house. It’s like a community thing — you know like I own it, but it’s not mine. It’s everyone’s.”

Guerrero has certainly succeeded in creating a comfortable space for the community. In the short time since Vice Versa opened, they have already taken part in several local events. Most recently, they hosted a fundraiser for Buckle Bunnies, an organization supporting abortion access. A large portion of their proceeds were donated to help fund abortion access across Texas. 

Another notable feature of Vice Versa is the basement. While it isn’t open to the public quite yet, Guerrero is in the process of transforming this area into a jazz bar and speakeasy that is expected to open in late September or early October. 

“So it’s Vice Coffee, but the actual business is Vice Versa,” Guerrero said. “So upstairs, it’s Vice. Downstairs, we have a basement we call Versa.”

Vice’s menu features an array of options including coffee beans from a local San Antonio roastery, What’s Brewing, and house-made pastries by Hal’s Bakery

Vice Versa has quickly become one of my favorite places to work, study and hang out with friends. My personal recommendations are the Matcha Rose Lemonade and Matcha Cinnamon Rolls. While this is a little further away than other spots near UTSA, I definitely think Vice is worth the drive. 

Vice Versa Coffee and Records is located at 123 Heiman St, San Antonio, TX 78205. Their hours are 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday through Wednesday and 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Thursday through Saturday. 

For more information about Vice Versa check out their Instagram @viceversa.sanantonio and stay tuned for their upcoming events and jazz bar opening.

Chloe Williams
Chloe Williams