UTSA alumna-owned business: Cherry Minx Boutique

2021 graduate’s online shop offers drop-off and pick-up service in Austin

Guissel Mora, Staff Writer

UTSA alumna, Glenda Vanderkam, has always been described as someone who advocates for women’s rights and ensures that people feel comfortable and confident in what they wear. She conveys this message through her online shop, Cherry Minx Boutique. As mentioned on her website, “My goal is to bring something to life that would inspire girls to wear whatever they felt like wearing and feel confident in it.” 

The name for her boutique is personal to Vanderkam as she explained, “I’ve always had a thing for cherries, and I would say people associate cherries with my personality.” Vanderkam chose the latter half of her boutique’s name because she has “always been a free spirit and someone who advocates for women’s rights, hence the word ‘minx.’” 

The idea of having an online shop came to her when she attended UTSA amid the pandemic. “I was at home trying to figure out what I could do with my degree but also involving something I loved,” Vanderkam explained. 

The work behind such a memorable launch in May 2021 began a little over a year before it finally came to life. “It had been an ongoing process, but when I launched, it was the best feeling ever,” Vanderkam described.

According to Vanderkam, “The most rewarding task has been seeing the hard work you put in paying off. Launching your own business comes with so many ups and downs but when it goes well, it’s really nice to see the ideas coming to life and people loving them!” 

While Vanderkam was still at UTSA, she developed Cherry Minx Boutique right out of her college apartment, where she and her roommate modeled for a while.  

Her site offers international shipping for her selection of tops, bottoms and dresses. She also offers a drop-off and pick-up service in Austin, Texas, for a limited time only. 

After browsing her website, you can see that the clothing sizes range from small to large. When brought to her attention, Vanderkam explained, “Unfortunately, right now, since I’m still such a small business, I’m only able to [offer] what manufacturers have available.” 

When fabric, material and manufacturer disclosure were brought to light, she stated, “Manufacturers are not disclosed on my website only because I know other boutiques try to find the same suppliers … I think [others] should take the time to look into suppliers rather than just going [to] other stores,” Vanderkam suggested. 

Competitive advantage is something any business must consider to be successful, which is something Vanderkam learned while working for her BBA in Marketing at UTSA. 

During her time at the university, her biggest supporters were her family and her boyfriend. She was also positively impacted by Dr. Cannon, who she had as a professor for her business law class. 

“UTSA prepared me with my marketing degree, so here we are now,” Vanderkam expressed. 

Vanderkam’s hard work and dedication in the marketing department at UTSA helped propel her forward into opening Cherry Minx.

If you are interested in shopping at Cherry Minx Boutique, check out Vanderkam’s online shop at cherryminx.com or visit her Instagram and TikTok accounts.