SA Gems: Tuxedo Cat’s Coffee

A “purr-fect” mobile beverage bar in Northwest San Antonio

Jessica McLaren, Assistant News Editor

Looking to switch up your Saturday study sesh spot? Tuxedo Cat’s Coffee stands out from the rest as your ideal pick this fall semester as it is located within the Palm Buddha Plant Nursery, a garden that is home to over seven acres of plants including succulents, bamboo and agave. 

Tuxedo Cat’s Coffee Shop operates within a small, portable building enclosed by diverse, fruitful greenery and is surrounded by sensory attractions such as wind chimes and colorful ornaments to provide patrons with the ultimate coffee-savoring experience. The mobile beverage bar, open Tuesday through Saturday, provides coffee, tea and even hot chocolate enthusiasts with a wide selection of organic, gluten-free and plant-based drinks. 

While they may not have any actual cats on scene, Tuxedo Cat’s menu features five “purr-fect” specialty drinks including the William Shakespurr, a golden milk latte infused with turmeric and other spices, and the Mr. Mistoffeless’, a white and dark chocolate espresso with steamed milk. 

Additionally, the café incorporates a seasonal menu that changes a few times a year to suit the temperatures outside. Their 2022 summer selections include the Desert Bloom Babe, an iced tea with prickly pear and strawberry lemonade, and the Midsummer Knights, a dairy-free dark chocolate and coconut latte. However, these drinks will only be available until this Friday, Sept. 9, so do not hesitate to give this groovy shop a try. You can even place your order online to save time, but if you go this week, be sure to visit again after the ninth to see what new drinks they will launch for the fall.

The remainder of their vegan and gluten-free menu includes coffee drip like café au lait, espresso drinks like a Cuban latte or a flat white and even add-ins like tapioca pearls or agave. If you are not a coffee drinker, do not fret as their online menu also lists herbal tea, iced tea, lemonade and hot chocolate. They also offer vegan hemp CBD gummies, vibrant potted desk plants, colorful metal straws and adorable cotton tote bags. 

Check out the rest of their all-inclusive beverage menu and fun merch at or by visiting their mobile beverage bar today.