UTSA falls 1-3 against University of Houston

Last weekend the UTSA women’s soccer team played two different matches with two widely different results.

The first match against Texas Southern on Friday, Sept. 17, ended up 7-0 in UTSA’s favor. On Sunday, Sept. 19, UTSA faced a much more determined University of Houston that defeated UTSA 1-3.

Fourteen minutes into the game against Texas Southern, Maria Jose Rojas scored the first of UTSA’s seven goals and more attacks followed.

Texas Southern’s goalkeeper was able to fend off some UTSA attacks with tremendous play despite UTSA’s dominance on the field. But after 35 minutes, Laylla da Cruz put the ball in the upper right hand corner where even the goalkeeper couldn’t reach it, making the score 2-0.

 After the second goal, UTSA increasingly played offense and scored five more goals, easily winning their match against Texas Southern.

Sunday’s match, however, proved much more difficult when UTSA faced off against the University of Houston in a 1-3 “nailbiter”.

At first UTSA seemed to be dominating, and the team scored a goal right before halftime when Maria Jose Rojas skillfully dribbled the keeper then easily scored. A UTSA player received a second yellow card and was ejected from the game.

Playing with one fewer player, UTSA was put under tremendous pressure after halftime, and Houston was able to tie up the score. Intense play followed as Houston scored another goal to UTSA’s dismay making the score 1-2.

The competitiveness of both teams made play very aggressive, resulting in cards for both teams. Houston and UTSA received two yellow cards each.

At 87 minutes UTSA had a tremendous chance to even the score, but the shot, unfortunately, passed just above the goal, which allowed Houston to score a third goal.