How to not buy those pretty shoes

We’re all adults. But we’re also college students. And what do college students love to do?

Spend money!

This week’s features theme is all about budgeting and money management.

So let’s get to it!

Over 70 percent of college students apply and get a credit card. Credit cards are meant to sucker you into debt, so for now, avoid credit cards unless you really need one. Students usually graduate college with more debt than cash.

If you decide you just have to have that Xbox, save as much as you can until you can pay for it cash.

Budgeting might seem something that only adults do, but if you learn to budget now it will help you more than you think in the long run. Knowing how, when and where to spend money could help you avoid impulse buying and buy big-buck items in the heat of the moment.

I never use my savings unless it’s an emergency and I can’t transfer money over more than once a month.

Call your bank and ask them to put a limit on savings-to-checking transfer. Usually there’s already a limit, but this way you can only do it once a month and it will be less enticing to always transfer cash.

Another way to hold back is to have a savings account at another bank. This way you won’t always see that “spend me” money every time you log into your online banking.