A criminally underrated streaming platform

Mason Hickok, Editor-in-Chief

With a back catalog of diverse films, educational material and arresting documentaries, Kanopy is a criminally underrated addition to a stacked lineup of streaming platforms. Despite having a limited approach to how users can access the platform — using a public library card or through registration from a university — Kanopy deserves more attention. 

The Booksellers

Directed by D.W. Young, 2019. Runtime: 1 hour and 39 minutes. 

Used and antique bookstores are like time capsules, liminal spaces that exist to keep the timeless, printed word alive. A documentary that meanders in all the right ways, “The Booksellers” is a lovely dive into the world of rare book dealing in New York. The booksellers that make up this film are a diverse troupe of characters within this moving documentary narrated by Parker Posey.

Icaros: A Vision

Directed by Leonor Caraballo and Matteo Norzi, 2016. Runtime: 1 hour and 31 minutes.

A trippy, psychedelic venture into the world of hallucinogens and medicinal healing. With a tragic backstory involving one of the film’s directors — one can argue that the story inspired the arc of the film’s protagonist — “Icaros: A Vision” is mysterious. In the film, the protagonist, Angelina, retreats to the Amazon in search of a cure for an ailment that remains unnamed to the viewer. The film’s calm imagery couples nicely with the sound design of the film — a mix that highlights the natural sounds of the Amazon. 


Directed by Jean-Luc Godard, 1960. Runtime: 1 hour and 30 minutes. 

Jean-Luc Godard — a pioneer of new cinema techniques — passed away on Sept. 13, 2022. Godard is remembered among a revered group of French critics turned filmmakers who helped bolster the start of the French New Wave and changed filmmaking forever. “Breathless” follows a young, impressionable criminal who plans an escape to Italy with his American girlfriend. The film was Godard’s first feature-length work as a director. Godard revolutionized several new filmmaking techniques — jump cuts, on-location shooting and non-professional actors — which are now routine tools in modern moviemaking but were unique to Godard’s style at the time. This revolutionary debut is a must-watch for any fan of film. 

Kwaku Ananse

Directed by Akosua Adoma Owusu, 2013. Runtime: 26 minutes.

This stunningly shot short film blends autobiography with the myth and folklore of Ghana as a young woman returns home for the funeral of her father. Similar to “Icaros: A Vision,” seeing the intersection of ritual with the real world is poignant. While the film’s runtime is short, its message is more important. 

In The Mood For Love

Directed by Wong Kar-wai, 2000. Runtime: 1 hour and 38 minutes

In the year 2000, Wong Kar-Wai delivered his seventh film to audiences — a seductive, richly-colored film. It follows a man and a woman who develop feelings for one another after their respective spouses have an affair. 

Among a respectable presence in world cinema, Wong’s films are known for their deep-cut soundtracks and gorgeous cinematography. “In The Mood For Love” pairs Wong-regular Christopher Doyle with Mark Lee Ping-bin. The result is a luscious masterpiece.

Films across a variety of genres can be viewed through Kanopy’s website, which all UTSA students can access through the library’s databases page.