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Becoming more ‘green’ $5 at a time

green fee

One of the most buzzed about topics today is how we can resourcefully take better care of our environment. Students are now required to contribute to this matter, by funding the green charge.

“The Green Fund will allow students and UTSA to invest in the environment the most precious and delicate resource there is,” Xavier Johnson, president of the Student Government Association, said.

The green environmental service fee was implemented into students’ tuition spring of 2011.

“The fee was implemented in a student vote through a campus-wide election last spring.

The by-laws for the fee and the process to gain access to the funds are being worked out by the Student Government Association at this time,” Barry McKinney director of student activities said.

“Ultimately, there will be a Green Fund Committee made up primarily of students to review applications, make allocations and set priorities for the fund,” McKinney said.

While there may have been a campus-wide election for the green fund to take place, some students were left unaware of this action and are now noticing the green fund after reviewing their account summary.

Due to the green fund that has been implemented, students can look forward to what they’re contributing to in the environment.

“According to the Texas Education Code, the fee will provide environmental improvements at the institution through services related to recycling, energy efficiency and renewable energy, transportation, employment, product purchasing, planning and maintenance, or irrigation; or provide matching funds for grants to obtain environmental improvements as outlines,” said McKinney.

Johnson also said that the green fund will also allow UTSA to invest in projects such as fluorescent light bulbs which require less energy to light rooms and even larger projects such as solar panels to help power buildings and facilities.

“There have been improvements to make UTSA more green, but those improvements have not come from this fee source at this time. The processes for access to the green fund should be in place by the end of the semester and the first committee meeting should be early in the summer,” McKinnney said.

While the improvements have not been determined yet, students can look forward to a dutiful action that they have invested in without lifting a finger.

“The Green Fund has the potential to be a wonderful investment, and has already spurred investment into the University from outside entities and corporations,” Johnson said.

“There are endless possibilities for the green fund to be utilized in ways that will help UTSA become more environmentally friendly. As the university moves forward into the future we have to think about the long term, and plan for the future and the green fund gives students a way to help in that process” Johnson said.

“At the end, the success of the green fund will depend on its effectiveness in choosing quality projects, which I am confident it will be able to do.”

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