Standoff leaves police empty-handed

 San Antonio police were called to the Outpost Apartment complex on UTSA Boulevard, July 31, after a resident reported being beaten and kicked out of his apartment by two men carrying assault rifles.

“We were under the belief that there may have possibly been several suspects in the apartment,” SAPD spokesman Javier Salazar said. “The negotiators tried to get in contact with someone inside the apartment.”

A standoff began in the afternoon and continued into the early evening. After not receiving any response from inside the apartment, police set off a distraction device and entered the apartment, which was empty.

 “It is believed the gunmen fled before police arrived,” Salazar said. Police think the victim of the attack was able to make it out of his apartment after the gunmen beat him.

“We are talking to the victim right now,” Salazar said, “trying to determine if we can identify the suspects and, if so, pursue charges.

 “There is some sort of prior relationship with this person,” Salazar said. “We are trying to determine to what extent he knows this person.”

The situation left many questions unanswered. “We do not know at this time if the gunmen were residents of the apartment or not, but we are not ruling anything out,” Salazar said.

SAPD was pleased with how the situation was handled. “There are certain steps we follow in these situations; we have SWAT and negotiators who know how to handle these situations. Time is on our side,” Salazar said.