‘Tandemonium’ at Tandem San Antonio

Laynie Clark, Managing Editor

Tandem San Antonio is a beverage bar and music venue located on San Antonio’s South side. They serve coffee products and an assortment of alcoholic drinks. It is a joint space run by a group of friends, with quick access to the San Antonio River. Tandem hosted its second annual “Tandemonium” Halloween event on Saturday, Oct. 22. 

This year, Tandem San Antonio hosted three bands — Dunwich Heroes, Electric Pajama Party and Neighborhood Strangers — and a variety of vendors. Some of the vendors included Deez Beadz, which sold an array of beaded jewelry and stickers; Tatevik Minasyan, a creative candlestick maker; and Traci Mitchell who sold everything from bejeweled flasks to Apple Watch bands. Curtis Collins, one of the owners of Tandem San Antonio, prefers to stay local when it comes to bands and vendors, though he is not opposed to expanding. 

“We have kind of only booked within South Texas, but tonight was straight San Antonio,” Collins explains.

Dunwich Heroes, a local San Antonio band, opened the event and played a mix of original tracks and covers that fit the Halloween theme. Some of the notable covers included “Pet Sematary” by Ramones and “It’s Terror Time Again” from the 1998 animated movie, “Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island.” Following Dunwich Heroes, Electric Pajama Party took the stage, though they struggled with some technical difficulties and had to make a few stops because of it.

Since their opening in 2021, Tandem San Antonio has grown considerably. While they struggled to open due to the pandemic, they pushed forward.

“We tried to open right during COVID[-19],” Collins said. “So, we had to shut down for that year. Then we tried opening again during Black Friday, but we shut down again and the snowstorm hit. We reopened in January 2021.”

To keep up with future events, or to attend “Tandemonium” next year, visit Tandem San Antonio’s website www.tandem-satx.com or follow them on Instagram @TandemSATX.