Nefarious mind


Zahara Latson, Staff Writer

My imagination commits crimes against me 

Raises bail and takes me to jail

Along with my fantasy. 


I leave behind clues with every look,

Adjusting my posture when given a kind smirk.

I see it in your mind as I would mine, 


My imagination commits these crimes

Without remorse. Makes it impossible 

To force your heart to see the life 


Inside the gates of heaven, 

And seven beats it takes to complete 

The ballad that you wrote for me,


Without having to pick a pen

or spend any time. 

My imagination commits these crimes


To get me to admit that life 

Couldn’t be as ignorant of how I feel 

About the ones around me.


Or give me a lifeless tedious

It makes my pain delirious 

The time I spent creating this


Wonderland, nefarious mind.