Selling the perfect candidate

Dafny Flores, Staff Writer

One thing influencers and celebrities have recently presented to their followers is the importance of voting. Election season might have passed, but for months influencers and celebrities had been selling the perfect candidate. Influencers curate the ideal content strategy to convince their followers to vote. It begins with a casual retweet and then continues to a campaign poster in a photo dump post on Instagram, which ideally gains a lot of reposts. Followers share their political stances, influencers gain traffic to their pages and candidates are recognized across all social media platforms. It is a win-win situation for everyone. 

Celebrities have hopped on the wave of election season by endorsing candidates. Not every celebrity actively posts on social media to express their political stance. Some join candidates at their campaign events and speak on topics concerning the people. Many celebrities partnered with organizations to make voter registration easier for people. Grammy award-winning artist Harry Styles partnered with HeadCount to boost voter turnout. More than 54,000 individuals checked their registration status or entered the “Good to Vote” sweepstakes to vote for the midterm elections. His efforts for voter turnout continued in Austin, Texas, where Styles put a “Beto for Texas” sticker on his guitar during his concert. Styles’ public endorsement of Beto O’Rourke for Texas governor granted momentum to the predicted blue wave for Texas. Since Styles’ fanbase is mainly young adults, his effort for the midterm elections likely influenced his followers. 

The strive for voting on social media does not stop. Many social media platforms have made it easier for users to register to vote and check their status with a simple link; however, one cannot escape election season on social media. Influencers and celebrities are selling people the American dream: the privilege to vote. The overload of social media posts and specialized algorithms for election season is almost impossible to ignore. Nothing beats the anticipation of going to the voting polls.