Baked delights at Panadería Jiménez

Sam Wendorf, Staff Writer

Rating: 4.8 stars

On Fredericksburg Road lies a traditional Mexican bakery called Panadería Jiménez. It is a lovely place tucked amid small shops and theaters. Upon walking in, visitors are greeted by the smell of sweets and bread. The displays are full of colorful conchas and sweet cakes, and a shelf on the wall holds coffee bags and vegan pastries. The decorations are simple but stylish, and the large windows let in lots of natural light, making the place feel spacious and refreshing. It is a wonderful place to seek warmth away from the crisp winter air outside.

The shop, opened in 1969 by the Jiménez family, is the perfect spot to satisfy a sweet tooth. Panadería Jiménez doubles as a café, offering a variety of baked goods such as cookies, donuts and empanadas. The atmosphere is immediately welcoming, with a friendly staff that directs customers to the most popular sweets in the shop.

According to the staff, the most popular item is their pumpkin empanada. It is a treat perfect for winter, with a lingering taste reminiscent of the holiday season. Equally delicious are the pecan-topped cinnamon rolls, which are a popular choice for older customers. They are perfectly frosted and pack a surprisingly sugary punch. 

The conchas are as delightful as one could imagine, with artfully applied colorful frosting, and they can be bought in both regular and mini sizes. The hojarasca cookies have a wonderful texture, with sugar on top melting perfectly with a touch of cinnamon. The frosted pink cake is delectably moist and can brighten up any celebration. One piece is more than rich enough to fill any dessert craving.

Many more baked goods are offered, including fruit empanadas, savory kolaches and beautifully-frosted cakes. Panadería Jiménez offers online ordering, and special orders can be called in to give parties and special occasions a flavorful centerpiece. 

As a cherry on top, the prices at Panadería Jiménez are excellent. I was able to get twice as much as I normally would from other, larger bakeries for the same price — ten items for just over fifteen dollars — and the quality of the Panadería far outpaces more mainstream bakeries, making that price an absolute steal. 

All of these treats are made from scratch by the Panadería every day, using old family recipes. Their expertise is clear – these are some of the best pastries I have had. It is obvious why Panadería Jiménez was voted one of the best artisanal bakeries in North America. I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone looking for a new bakery to frequent. I know I will certainly be going back for more.