Mariangela Vacatello in recital

Van Cliburn International Piano Competition finalist, Mariangela Vacatello, made her debut performance Tuesday evening at the UTSA Recital Hall.

With poise and elegance, dressed radiantly in red, the Naples native took center stage, bowing to the audience as she opened with a piece by Johann Sebastian Bach. “She looked full of energy, ready to give the audience a spectacular event,” said freshman, Tiburicio Zarate.

The audience, consisting of people of all ages, appeared to be in complete awe of the piano soloist. As her fingers glided to the melody of “Heroic Polonaise” by Frédéric Chopin, this piece brought manifold spectators to tears while couples appeared enchanted by the composition.

“It was a wonderful performance. It blew me away,” said Senior Eraldo Elizondo.

For over two decades, the Italian pianist has mastered the sounds of music. Under the instruction of Ricardo Risaliti and Paolo Bordoni, Ms. Vacatello received cum laude and honorable mention on her musical talents. In 2008, Ms. Vacatello finished her post-graduate degree with a Counsel of Honor award; a prestigious award and selective award. Since then, she has continued to receive honorable mention and recognition from the musical community.

Ms. Vacatello’s meticulous training in musical studies and myriad awards have established her as a world-renowned talent. She has been invited to play for prominent venues to include the Wigmore Hall in London, Berlin Konzerthaus, Mozarteum Auditorium in Salzburg, Walt Disney Hall in Los Angeles, Linden Auditorium in Johannesburg and the Weill Hall at Carnegie Hall in New York.

When asked how it feels to be able to travel all over the world doing what she loves, Ms. Vacatello answered, “It’s very exciting; every place is a new experience. I am very satisfied to come to the U.S. to discover the differences. My career and life are growing.”

Ms. Vacatello will be accompanying the Colorado Springs Philharmonic this year for the 200th anniversary celebration of the birth of her preferred Hungarian composer, Franz Liszt. Ms. Vacatello concluded the evening with a piece by Liszt, a stunning way to bring the recital to a close. “Anyone lucky enough to hear her renditions of these famous pieces of music will never forget the name, Vacatello,” said Junior Joseph Acker.