A spike in SEROTONIN

Houston artist releases psychedelic-inspired project

Malaki Lingg, Assistant Web Editor

Rating: 3.5 stars 

Houston, Texas has a flourishing underground music scene similar to San Antonio — full of unique musicians and distinct artists. Formerly known as Rick Glaciers, SEROTONIN is one of the creatives influencing the scene. The artist released “DO IT YOURSELF” on Jan. 27, 2023. 

“DO IT YOURSELF” presents itself as a psychedelic-inspired project that somewhat strays from what is typically expected. When most people think of psychedelic music, the instrumental is considered the main focus, with surreal production and synth carrying the tracks. “DO IT YOURSELF” follows more of what you would expect from a psych project towards the latter half of the project. 

The first portion follows more of what you would expect from a typical underground rap project from Houston, except the lyrics show what the project is truly about. Verses such as, “that was somewhat full of magic when a butterfly emerged, caught the holy spirit, but it wasn’t at church,” easily communicate the album’s theme in a digestible way. 

Towards the end of the LP, the tracks get more interesting, and the production value really booms. The modulated vocals in “DAVID BLAINE” perfectly grab the listener’s attention and show what SEROTONIN has to offer, while the synth in “Ahead of one’s time” makes the track float melodically.

“DO IT YOURSELF” is a great listen for fans of underground rap, alternative and psychedelic hip-hop. While some tracks do not have a very distinct feeling to differentiate them from one another, others have an infectious sound that will keep you coming back for more. Notable tracks include “ON XTC @ THE GALLERIA,” “TX DIFFERENT” and “EYES WIDE SHUT!” 

SEROTONIN released “DO IT YOURSELF,” on Jan. 27, 2023, on Spotify and Apple Music. For more from SEROTONIN, check out his Instagram @drugsexrave and his DIY fashion brand @univerdge.