Mario Barrios wins world title in hometown of San Antonio

O’Shaquie Foster upsets Rey Vargas in 12 rounds

Luke Lawhorn, Sports Editor

After over a year of soaking in consecutive losses, San Antonio fighter Mario Barrios is once again a champion.

Barrios, along with Lenier Peró and O’Shaquie Foster, walked away victorious in their title matches.

Lenier Peró vs. Viktor Faust

WBA Fedelatin Heavyweight Title – 10 Rounds

Peró (9-0, 6 KOs) defeated Faust (11-1, 7 KOs); both entered Saturday’s match undefeated.

Peró was declared the winner by knockout in the eighth round.

The two made little contact in the first two rounds. Faust ducked a punch thrown by Peró and managed to connect his left swing to Peró’s face, causing the Florida native to stumble as the third round timer ended. 

Faust continued his aggression on Peró in the fourth round. The fighters grazed each other in their heads multiple times.

The score was 48-47 entering the sixth round in favor of Faust. 

Midway through the eighth round, Peró landed his right punch on Faust’s left rib cage, then threw his left arm and connected with Fasut’s face. 

Faust turned his back and put his arms down, appearing to walk towards the rope when Peró got three more hits in, two of which were to Faust’s head.

“It was a very difficult fight,” Peró said after the fight. “He’s a great fighter. So we started to build up momentum and started to hit him, and then we finally came ahead in the final round.”

Marios Barrios vs. Jovanie Santiago

WBC Continental Americas Welterweight Title – 10 Rounds

Barrios (27-2, 18 KOs) bounced back after his two consecutive losses from over a year ago, defeating Santiago (14-3-1, 10 KOs) in the eighth round.

The counter right-hand was the deciding factor in the undercard. Barrios landed several hits on Santiago, causing the home crowd to erupt and awarding the hometown fighter the champion.

“My counter right hand is something that we’ve been working on at the gym in Vegas,” Barrios said.

Barrios had Santiago cornered in the third round and was able to lay several blows to the Puerto Rico native.

Barrios again had Santiago against the ropes for the majority of the sixth round. 

The San Antonio native snuck a punch to Santiago’s face, leading to a barrage of hits on Santiago.

Barrios kept the heat on Santiago in the seventh round. Barrios managed to block Santiago’s punch with his left hand, then swung his other to connect with Santiago’s face.

Barrios unleashed a variety of body and face shots to Santiago in the eighth round. Santiago dropped, ruling the Barrios knockout.

“I feel I’m definitely up there with the [welterweight] elite. I still have something to prove. I promised my city a world title, and I got it in 2019, and I will do it again.”

Rey Vargas vs. O’Shaquie Foster

WBC World Super Featherweight Championship – 12 Rounds

The WBC No. 1 ranked contender in Foster upset the two-division champion Rey Vargas in the final round.

Foster managed to make Vargas stumble and fall to the floor in the second round, though the two-division champ regained control and continued on.

Vargas avenged himself in the third round with back-to-back headshots on Foster.

Foster led 59-55 midway through the seventh round.

Vargas and Foster bumped into each other after the bell in the 10th round and stared each other down as they walked to their corners.

Foster knocked Vargas to the ground multiple times in the 11th round. Foster appeared to be in control heading into the final round.

With Vargas unable to knockout Foster in the final three minutes, the Orange, Texas, native walked away with the upset win.