Hello, you

Laynie Clark, Managing Editor

Content Warning: This review contains spoilers for the television show “YOU.”

Just so we’re clear. It’s not following someone if you have to walk the same way home.”

Penn Badgley returns as the charming stalker in the disturbingly entertaining TV series “YOU.” Piloted on Lifetime Network, “YOU” received backlash and was presumed to discontinue, until Netflix picked it up for a second season. Since then, “YOU” has accumulated a large fanbase and garnered mass attention. 

“YOU” follows Joe Goldberg, a handsome loner with a secret, as he navigates the world of romance; however, his idea of romance looks a lot different than the conventional stereotype. His perception of romance involves a lot of killing, stalking and manipulation. Throughout the seasons, you see Joe meet various women who all seem to die by the end of the season; see a pattern yet? Unfortunately, Joe does not see this pattern. He convinces himself that everything he does has a purpose and that he is actually a good person who has just made a few mistakes, though I am not sure everyone else would agree. 

Eventually, Joe meets his other half: Love Quinn. Love, a seemingly perfect girl played by Victoria Pedretti, captures Joe’s heart and later reveals that she is exactly like him. She has hunted, stalked and killed for her loved ones. Surprisingly, Joe finds this unsettling. He calls her a monster and claims to be terrified of what she is capable of, but he cannot leave her because she is the mother of his child. The fans grow attached to Love and root for her success more than Joe’s; this leads to many unhappy fans after Joe supposedly kills Love in a house fire. 

That brings us to part one of season four, which premiered on Feb. 9. This season takes on a different feel, as Joe gets a taste of his own medicine when he finds himself with a stalker. The brunt of the first five episodes is mainly Joe investigating and uncovering the stalker. Fans hoped and prayed that Love would be the stalker, meaning that she never died and is back for revenge on Joe. Unfortunately, that was not the case. The stalker turned out to be someone in his new inner circle.

While fans were disappointed, they have not lost all hope. The second half of the season will release on March 9, and fans have started conspiring after a teaser trailer was released. The teaser included a short, vague clip that featured Love; this small clip is enough to keep fans going. Now, fans are taking their conspiracies to social media and sharing ideas with others. Many think the clip will just be a hallucination, while others believe it is actually her. What do you think? Leave your conspiracies in the comments of this article at paisano-online.com