Netflix is digging their own grave

Regina Robert, Staff Writer

Netflix is executing its own downfall with its most recent plan to stop subscribers from password sharing. Password sharing “occurs when a user gives their login credentials to someone else for shared access under one account.” The streaming giant has spent the last couple of years finding solutions to their password-sharing “problem.” These solutions and plans have not been well received by the public, and subscribers continue to find loopholes around them.

In their latest lame attempt to counter password sharing, CNN reported that Netflix would make users set a “primary location” to ensure that only members of that household are users of the account and must be updating the location monthly; however, Netflix did mention that subscribers would still be able to access their accounts remotely, but only temporarily. Meaning that, most likely, after a few hours of usage, Netflix could automatically sign out from the device, and the user would have to log back in, therefore creating a cycle of annoyance towards Netflix. A cycle that will infuriate its users, especially those that don’t live in one primary location most of the year, like college students and people whose jobs require them to travel . This new policy will affect students who are far away from home and still use their parents’ Netflix accounts. In addition, the constant signing-in will drive users away from wanting to pay a monthly subscription — an issue the streaming service has faced since it lost around one million subscribers in the first half of 2022.

While this could be Netflix’s plan for increasing their profit and number of subscribers, they are affecting a demographic that does not have the economic means to pay for their own subscriptions. Netflix is trying not to lose money, but their ideas are pushing their subscribers’ money into the open pockets of HBO, Disney+ and other rising streaming services. Netflix’s ideas are ricocheting and severely wounding them, which could ultimately lead to their death.