San Antonio’s Golden Gloves Tournament

Eric Treviño, Photographer

SAN ANTONIO – For the past 100 years, the Golden Gloves Tournament has been a cornerstone of amateur boxing, where fighting prospects meet in the ring in hopes of chasing greatness. 

Some of the world’s greatest boxers, such as Sugar Ray Robinson, Joe Louis, Sugar Ray Leonard and Muhammad Ali, have gotten their start by garnering wins from the tournament and other amateur boxing bouts. 

This past weekend, Feb. 17-19, the acclaimed tournament occurred downtown in the River City to crown San Antonio’s regional champion — in each respective weight class — to fight in the Texas state Golden Gloves tournament, all for the hope of competing for the coveted national Golden Gloves title this year. 

These local boxers look to follow in the footsteps of the all-time greats by giving it their all in a three-round war. Local boxing gyms in San Antonio and the surrounding areas sent their boxers for an exhilarating three-night event. Nonstop action was seen daily throughout the three days, including its climax when the final day hosted 33 bouts, producing 17 victors from the red corner and 16 victors from the blue corner from various fighting gyms. 

Richard Lord’s Boxing Gym fighting out of Austin, Texas, is the most notable gym of the finals as the gym produced a total of five regional champions in the finals. No matter the outcome or the champion, these local fighters put on a legendary show by showcasing to us everything they possibly have and worked hard for. The hours of rigorous training, their talent and unbroken discipline were made evident in the middle of the ring at San Antonio’s Golden Gloves event. 

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