National Eating Disorder Awareness Week

Local resources available

Laynie Clark, Managing Editor

From Feb. 27 to March 5, we celebrate National Eating Disorder Awareness Week (NEDA). This week is about celebrating those in recovery, those who are searching for recovery and those who have yet to begin their journey; all are important. Below are some local resources to aid those who are ready to take the next step. 

Eating Recovery Center

Located at 250 E Basse Rd # 206, Eating Recovery Center has a variety of treatment options available for kids and adults. Their main forms of treatment involve on-site intensive outpatient or partial hospitalization. Before jumping straight into treatment, the center offers a free clinical assessment; this assessment helps the clinicians better understand what they are working with and what kind of care to provide. To learn more, call (210) 826-7447.

Esperanza Eating Disorder Center

Located at 140 Heimer Rd # 400, Esperanza Eating Disorder Center is prepared to provide a supportive, empowering environment for recovery. They provide care in the form of intensive outpatient, partial hospitalization and non-intensive outpatient care. Like the previous center, Esperanza offers a free clinical assessment and insurance review prior to receiving treatment. To learn more, call (210) 253-9763. 

Bariatric Counseling Center 

Located at 9618 Huebner Rd. # 320, the Bariatric Counseling Center is designed to help people struggling with weight and body image issues through unique forms of therapy, including a one-on-one format and a multi-faceted group. Outside of their therapy options, Bariatric also provides intensive outpatient, psychological assessments and non-intensive outpatient services. To learn more, call (210) 634-2200.

While there are many local resources available to San Antonio residents, these are just a few of the top-rated options. If you find that these are not right for you and your needs, do not hesitate to continue your search. Understand that having an eating disorder does not make you any less deserving than others. Everybody deserves to have a healthy relationship with their body and the food they nourish it with.