Welcome to ‘Cracker Island’

Malaki Lingg, Assistant Web Editor



Gorillaz, the virtual band portrayed by digitally animated characters, formed by Blur frontman Damon Albarn and cartoonist Jamie Hewlett, released their eighth studio album, “Cracker Island,” on Feb. 24. The album has a playtime of 37 minutes, contains 10 tracks and boasts features from artists such as Bad Bunny, Tame Impala and Stevie Nicks.

The opening track, “Cracker Island,” perfectly introduces the listener to the LP. The song gives off the exact sound that Gorillaz has become increasingly known for since their 2017 album, “Humanz,” with droning lyrics and diverse electronics. While it is nothing new or refreshing, longtime fans of Gorillaz should be excited for more of their classic sound. 

The features on the album are somewhat noteworthy. Gorillaz has always been known for its ability to take various artists and mesh their genres together; this album is no exception. Each collaboration brings something unique and interesting to each song. “Tormenta,” featuring Bad Bunny, is a great example of this. Bad Bunny leads the track and perfectly blends reggaeton with the alternative sound of Gorillaz.

Overall, “Cracker Island” is a great album. It takes the themes and sounds that Gorillaz has been known for in the past two decades and presents them with a new selection of features. However, the album does not do anything innovative for the band, which could be viewed as hit or miss for some. Some listeners may be happy to hear what they expect from Gorillaz while others may be disappointed in the lack of a new sound and thematic development. Stand-out tracks from the album are “Cracker Island,” “New Gold” and “Tarantula.”

As of Feb. 24, “Cracker Island” is available for streaming on Spotify and Apple Music.