Women’s rights march held in downtown

Laynie Clark, Managing Editor

On March 5, Mujeres Marcharán Coalition (MMC) organized a march and rally in celebration of International Women’s Day. The march took place in downtown San Antonio at Milam Park. Assisting MMC were members of San Antonio’s chapter of the Party of Socialism and Liberation (PSL) and Autonomous Brown Berets de San Anto. The rally supported organized and independent speakers. 

Ruby Jimenez — a member of PSL — spoke on the importance of International Women’s Day and its impact on her. 

“International Women’s Day is something that shows that the struggles that affect so many different people in different regions have a root because there’s an underlying theme of oppression, of being treated as a second-class citizen,” Jimenez said. “It’s usually a revolution in women that are the trailblazers for civil rights movements. I see people banding together to protect not only ourselves but the future of this planet.”

Krystal Howard — an independent local organizer — described that the term “women’s rights” is problematic. For Howard, rights should be universal.

“I don’t really like the term ‘women’s rights,’ I think it’s problematic in itself. I feel like fundamental values are what’s really important,” Howard said. “Every person that is born should have fundamental rights. Women’s rights, to me, are just everybody’s rights — it shouldn’t even be a discussion.”

Howard details how youth voter turnout is important. They believe that active participation is needed for the future.

“I predict, and I would hope for a future where people just don’t feel left out anywhere,” Howard continued. “We just all get to exist in peace and happiness and not have to worry about not being allowed to be who you are. We just kind of get rid of all the bigots and fascists. I really have a lot of faith in the younger generation that we are reaching. I’m hoping the kids will change it.”

As speakers started sharing their stories, the UTSA chapter of Students for Life showed up to counterprotest. Galaxy Acton — president of UTSA Students for Life — shouted a variety of statements regarding abortion and the dangers it poses to women. 

“28 women have died from legal chemical abortions in the United States,” Acton said. “Abortion is violent.”

PSL and the Brown Berets linked arms and circled the protesters to create a barrier and minimize the distraction from the rally. The speakers continued on, ignoring the protestors, and the march began.