What to do with The Paisano after reading

Kara Lee, Assistant Graphic Editor

Earth Day happened this past weekend, but we should celebrate the Earth every day, as it is important to show the Earth some love. Some ways to show love include reducing your own waste. A great way to start is to make sure to not throw away your Paisano newspapers after they come out on Tuesday but to reuse them in a fun and creative way. Here are some ideas on how to reuse and revamp your old Paisano papers in an Earth-friendly way. 

Donate to animal shelters 

Many animal shelters, like the Humane Society, take old newspapers and use them as bedding and litter for many of the animals. This is a great way to not just give back to the Earth but also to animals in need. This is something The Paisano does every week with the leftover papers. For more ideas on how to reuse your papers, click here.

Use for packing 

With the end of the year coming up, some students may be moving back home or to a new apartment, so newspapers are a great substitute for bubble wrap. Wrap all your fragile items up and use more paper in the space left over, then you are all good to start moving boxes. By doing this, you can limit your single-use plastic intake. 

Fun art projects 

If anybody is feeling crafty, newspapers are an amazing art supply. There are so many different directions anyone could go with this; you could use the paper for paper mache or even for a mixed-media project. Either way is a great way to take something old and use it to make something with a new meaning. 

Wrapping paper 

Has there ever been a time when you had to wrap a present but did not have any wrapping paper? Using an old Paisano newspaper is a perfect way to wrap any present or gift. Just wrap your gift or present how it normally would be wrapped then you are all set. This eliminates having to spend money on single-use items, making the Earth a little more joyful. 

Cleaning supply 

Newspapers can be used to clean windows and barbecue pits without creating additional waste. Cleaning windows with newspapers is a super simple process; you just use vinegar, and water, then scrub. Cleaning a barbecue is just as simple; just soak some papers in water, put those sheets on the grill, close the top and leave it for around an hour. They just wipe away all the grim. These are some great ways to reduce and reuse, as they leave out all the chemicals that can harm us and the planet.

These are some great tips for reusing the newspaper in an Earth-friendly way. For more environmentally-friendly tips, check out our Earth Day article.