University’s catalog to adapt to changing industries

The University of Texas at San Antonio is offering several new majors and minors to keep to date with fast paced changes in industry.

The new majors include a dual master’s degree program in business administration and public health and a bachelor’s degree in business administration in sports, events and tourism management. The minors are in digital forensics and network and data center management.

Students interested in the dual degree plan must meet the requirements for both universities to be admitted to the program.

The bachelor’s degree in sports, events, and tourism management is replacing the previous concentration that focused only on tourism. The addition to the major gives the student more career choices.

According to the San Antonio Area Tourism Council, the San Antonio tourism industry generates $11 billion in annual revenues and employs one out of every eight San Antonians. Some of the events that draw people to San Antonio include the Valero Alamo Bowl, NCAA tournaments and the annual Fiesta celebration. Spurs Sports and Entertainment also holds numerous sporting events in the city of San Antonio.

These organizations can benefit from college students knowledgeable in these areas.

The addition to the curriculum consists of the following four courses: Event Management, Sport Management, Survey of Tourism, and Destination Marketing. The sports, events and tourism management major focuses on marketing, finance, accounting and management. The degree was first offered to students during the fall semester of 2011.

The minor in network and data center management is directed towards students interested in becoming a network administrator. The curriculum consists of four knowledge areas: networks and networking protocols, network security, operations and facilities such as air conditioning and electrical power.

The minor in digital forensics is designed to teach students the scientific methods used to recover data from digital media. This minor is more beneficial to students majoring in fields such as information systems or computer science.

Additionally, San Antonio is known as “Cyber City” because it hosts the U.S. Air Force Cyber Command at Lackland AFB’s Security Hill. Large information technology companies such as Rackspace have also established data centers here in San Antonio. The two minors offered at UTSA also meet the local and national demand for their respective areas of study. The minors will be available in the fall semester of 2012.

Options for new majors and minors are available. Students can also follow a new path with the addition of the new majors and minors that UTSA is already or will be offering in the near future.